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SWNP Bird List

This 4-page listing shows which birds have been found at SWNP, as well as their relative abundance each month of the year.

Birds of SWNP


eBird is world-wide bird listing program sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society that provides frequency and distribution data on bird sightings…including Southwest Nature Preserve.  Thanks to everyone who has reported their sightings over the years, 139 species have been recorded at SWNP.  Please add yours too!  See the most recent week’s sightings for SWNP using eBird’s Trail Tracker Sightings here.


While visiting SWNP, have you ever encountered a plant or animal and wondered what it was?  You’re not alone!  iNaturalist is a global citizen science initiative that allows users to enter data about their sightings and to get information about their sightings from subject experts. Using a portable digital device, take a photo of the plant or animal, then login and submit it to using either the free app or download on a computer. You can post your identification or ask reviewers for identification help. The app and access to are free.

Thanks to Friends member Brent Franklin, an iNaturalist project has been started for sightings at SWNP. Now we’ll all be able to learn from ours and other’s sightings. So please add Southwest Nature Preserve to your iNaturalist Project List….and start posting your sightings.  Even if you haven’t posted sightings to iNaturalist, check the Southwest Nature Preserve Project to see what others are reporting.

Volunteer hours reporting

Please report you volunteer hours to  For each volunteer activity/date, report the number of hours you worked and a general description of what you did.  This information is very valuable to APRD and helps to justify grants and other funding.  Thank you!