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Saturday, July 16, An Evening at SCNP, Looking for Arachnids

Meghan Cassidy will lead us on a spider walk focusing on the types of spiders commonly found at SWNP. Meghan will cover high level information about the natural history of some of these spiders, why spiders are ecologically important (and not scary!), cover the 2 types of medically significant spiders that can be found in Texas along with precautions, as well as handing out an informational pamphlet she has created, including photos of spiders from SWNP! As we walk around, we’ll encounter other invertebrates (such as insects), so Meghan will give some impromptu information on any insects we come across as well!

Meghan is a photographer, and an arachnology enthusiast living in the DFW area. Originally from the east coast, she relocated to Texas 10 years ago and began studying Texas’ invertebrates in her free time, with a special focus on arachnids and arachnid diversity!

We will meet in the amphitheater that overlooks the south pond. Wear sturdy shoes or boots, maybe bring bug spray and water, and especially a good flashlight or headlamp with fresh batteries. The walk back will be in the dark, so a good light will be essential.

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